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Pursuant to the laws of NC, inquiries on criminal history are allowed by several state agencies. In keeping with this,when you initiate an arrest warrant search in Pamlico County, the judiciary or local law enforcement will come forth to provide information on the active warrants and arrest records in the name of your subject.

Applicants have three choices when it comes to government departments that provide information on outstanding warrants for arrests. You can go to the office of the sheriff, the county clerk or the magistrate. Another way is to use the services of a private agency that sells crime data. You can get the link to a reliable database by filling the form above.

If you would rather take your warrant search to a state source, you will need to pick an agency, file an application and submit this along with a fee. Generally, the amount charged will not be more than $50 and it will take the agency no more than a few days to handle requests made through mail.

If you can visit the office in person, you will get your results faster. Typically, the background report will have details on the issue of all Pamlico County active warrants in the name of the subject, the arrest records against this person, case and sentencing data and information on the time spent in the state correctional system. You can go to the following departments for your inquiry:

  • The Police: 200 Main St, PO Box 437, Courthouse Complex, Bayboro, North Carolina 28515
  • The court: 202 Main St, Bayboro, North Carolina 28515
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 38, Bayboro, North Carolina 28515

Almost 250 criminal occurrences take place in Pamlico County, North Carolina each year. Of these complaints, about 12% are against violent criminal matters. However, property crimes remain the largest contributors to this number with thefts alone logging in a rate of 135 cases per annum.

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