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If you want to do a warrant search in Polk County, you will certainly not want for sources of information; however, finding a state agency that will furnish details on active warrants through the internet will certainly be a difficult task. Unfortunately, most government agencies only offer access to their crime history and arrest warrants archives to applicants that show up at the agency offices in person.

This is done to ensure that an absconding criminal cannot use the system to escape the law. So, if you want to know about any outstanding warrants issued against a person of your acquaintance, head to or write to:

  • Sheriff: PO Box 69, 40 Ward Street, Columbus, North Carolina 28722
  • Magistrate: 200 N. Grove St, Hendersonville, NC 28792
  • County Clerk: PO Box 38, Columbus, North Carolina 28722

Polk County, NC arrest warrants are only issued after due diligence is exercised in ascertaining probable cause that links the alleged offender to the illicit act. For this purpose, the police are obligated to submit a detailed case report in court. This affidavit along with witness testimony is used by the sitting magistrate to determine if the case has enough merit to warrant interference from the state machinery.

Once probable cause is established, a warrant is given to the sheriff's department which is an explicit order to all peace officers to bring the person in question before the court to stand trial. Bench warrants and arrest orders issued in misdemeanors will usually come with the bail amount mentioned on them. However, if the detention decree is issued in a felony, the accused will only be freed once bail is granted.

Polk County, North Carolina has a fairly low crime rate with less than 200 criminal complaints filed each year. Yet, there has been an increase of almost 40% in the averages of violent and overall crime from 2001 through 2008. Also, while most crime cases are attributed to thefts and property related incidents, about 20 complaints are filed per annum against heinous and violent crimes like rape and murder.

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