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If you have ever watched one of those cop/ crime shows on TV, you may have already come across the term arrest warrants. A serious judicial order that stays in effect perpetually once issued, an active arrest warrant, as it is legally termed, is released in response to a complaint filed in court by the sheriff's office.

Because arrest warrants do not go out of effect, the judiciary is very diligent about ascertaining probable cause before such an order of detention is issued to the police. For the establishment of the probable cause, the sitting magistrate can rely on the sworn affidavit presented before the court or on witness testimony collected under oath. Since more than one justice entity is involved in the process of issuing a warrant, several records of these arrest orders are maintained.

Detention orders that are not served within a reasonable amount of time after issue are held in an FBI maintained central repository as outstanding arrest warrants. From here, they can be accessed by any law enforcement agency in the country.

Also, the sheriff's office that requested the warrant to begin with, maintains records of all such arrest orders. You can contact the Randolph County Sherriff's Office at
Address: 727 McDowell Road, Asheboro, North Carolina 27205Tel no: 336-318-6699

Alternatively, you can also conduct a warrant search through the County Clerk's office located at 176 East Salisbury St, Asheboro, NC 27203. The clerk of court can also be contacted over phone by dialing 336-318-6710 or 336- 328-3000, but it is highly unlikely that any justice agency will give you arrest records information over the phone.

The Randolph County Sherriff's Office maintains an official website but it only offers generic information about the workings of the department and recent events. In fact, normally law enforcement agencies choose to put a most wanted list on their site but this has not been done in case of Randolph, NC.

A scrutiny of arrest records and crime figures for the county of Randolph reveal that instances of violent crime are on an upswing with a rapid rise of nearly 60% over the ten years from 1999 to 2008. This has given residents as well as peace officers many a sleepless night as the daily rate of crime currently sits at just about 12 incidents.

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