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For how long do you think an active arrest warrant issued in Rutherford County lasts?Answering this question incorrectly can get individuals who have such an arrest order in their name in a lot of trouble. After all, the last thing that most people want is for the law to catch them by surprise and for the police to march them to the precinct in handcuffs and all.

Arrest warrants once issued by the criminal court in Rutherford County, stay active perpetually.They are simply stored in the police database as outstanding warrants and these decrees stay in the system till such time that they are served.

When it comes to the execution of the warrant, cops have a lot of liberties. For instance, they can nab the suspect from his/her home, office or even a private or public property. Also, this arrest can be affected at any time of the day or week.

The sheriff's office is under no obligation to provide information on arrest warrants that have not been executed as yet. However, they will be more than willing to provide details on arrest records. In fact, they expressly avoid providing details on warrants issued in recent cases so as not to tip off the suspect.

If you are interested in a Rutherford County, NC warrant search, you can call on the law enforcement agency at 198 N Washington St, Rutherfordton, North Carolina 28139 .Visit the administrative or the records division of the sheriff's office and file a formal request for details on a warrant.

Another way to look for this information is to visit the department of the clerk of court. In fact, the justice center will usually have public service terminals which can be used to browse through the database of court dockets. Although you will be charged for printed search results, if you merely want to investigate person, this can often be done at no cost. To approach the county clerk's office, go to 229 S Main St, Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Also, the magistrate's office holds data pertaining to all arrest orders issued by them including bench warrants. To speak to a representative of the sitting magistrate, go to the address given above.

Rutherford County, NC has a fairly high crime rate with over 1700 criminal complaints filed every year. A closer scrutiny of the crime figures over the eight year period from 2001 to 2008 shows that the first three years of this interval had a considerably lower number of incidents of crime. However, in 2004, the rate of violent incidents more than doubled and has stayed at that level since.

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