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If you suspect that an active arrest warrant may be out against you in Scotland County, North Carolina, looking for information on such a detention order will prove to be a very intelligent move. After all, it would be a grave folly to assume that an old, outstanding warrant can do no harm.

In fact, apart from the slight difference in legal terminology (from active to outstanding), time makes little difference to the legal powers that arrest warrants afford to peace officers. The same also holds true for geography, particularly in case of arrest warrants from Scotland, NC that are issued in felonies.

These can be executed even outside the area and state of issue. However, the suspect will be deported back to the county that released the order to stand trial for his/her crimes. If you already have prior Scotland County, NC arrest records and a bench warrant or an active warrant in your name, any attempt to gather this information from the cops or a government agency can lead to arrest.

So, in this scenario, it would be best to go through a third party information site. You can access a privately maintained database instantly by filling the form given above. While both private and government agencies will charge a small fee for undertaking a warrant search on your behalf, at least you will not run the risk of getting arrested on the spot when looking for records online.

Also, when you seek this information from a private source, the entire process can be completed from the comforts of your own home. However, to use a government agency for the task, you will need to venture out and visit the state department in person. The sheriff's department, office of the county clerk and the magistrate's court all work out of 212 Biggs St, Laurinburg, North Carolina 28352. Any of these three government agencies can be contacted for a warrant search.

With almost 15000 crimes reported in Scotland, NC over the period between 1999 and 2008, the county definitely figures on top of the list of areas with deteriorating crime figures in the state. Of the 1500 criminal complaints filed each year, nearly 9% are instances of violent crime and through period mentioned above, there has been an estimated increase of 30% in the overall crime averages.

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