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A common misconception about active warrants issued in Stanly County, NC is that the individuals in whose name these arrest orders are released always find out about them. No, the police do not send out notices of warrant release.In fact, many people who do have outstanding warrants in their name have no idea about them.

Unfortunately, the courts do take a very dim view of individuals who do nothing about the arrest orders in their name. Actually, if the police need to come after you to present you in court, you may very well be denied bail.It is also wrong to assume that only people who are involved in unscrupulous acts have arrest warrants from Stanly, North Carolina out against them

Often a simple error on the part of the police or even identity theft can lead to the release of a detention decree in your name. The only way to ensure that you are not put in a tough spot owing to an old arrest order is to regularly conduct a warrant search.

The most convenient way to look for data on active warrants is to search through an online database.However, the law enforcement and judicial departments of Stanly County offer no such recourse. So, you will have to rely on private services; to access a database of nationwide arrest records and warrant data, you can fill the form above.

If you are looking for information on arrest warrants in the name of a loved one or an employee, you can also approach one of the state agencies mentioned below:

  • The police: 201 S Second St, Albemarle, North Carolina 28001. Tel no: 704-986-3700
  • The court: 201 S 2nd St, Albemarle, NC 28001. Tel no: 704-986-7235
  • The county clerk: Write to PO Box 668, Albemarle, North Carolina 28002 and call on 704-982-2161

In Stanly County, almost 1600 crimes are reported each year of which over 92% are cases of property theft while only 130 instances of violent crime are reported annually. On a day to day basis, nearly 5 criminal complaints are lodged with the local police. Through the decade that ended in 2008, violent and overall crime grew by almost 25%.

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