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When looking for arrest records in Stokes County, North Carolina, you will find a plethora of options. In fact, depending on why you are seeking data on arrest warrants and how much information you need, you can simply head downtown to the sheriff's office or take your warrant search to the judicial departments that work out of the county court house.

To get records on all active arrest warrants in Stoke County and also a list of the most wanted offenders in the area, go to 1012 N Main Street, Danbury, North Carolina 27016. You can also contact the department over the phone on 336-593-8787 or fax your request to 336-593-3361. However, the records clerk will instruct you to show up in person to pick up the results of your background check.

If you are looking for a personal crime history check or would like details on outstanding warrants on a third party and want this data to be notarized, it would make more sense to hop over to the office of the magistrate or the clerk of court. These are located at:

  • The county clerk: Hwy 89 N, Dan Bury, North Carolina 27016; tel no: 336-593-9178
  • The magistrate: 1012 Main St, Danbury, NC 27016; tel no: 336-593-2811

An advantage of approaching a judicial office for information on arrest warrants in Stokes County is that you will not only be able to conduct a warrant search in criminal cases but also civil matters. Because these agencies will grant you access to the court dockets, you can find out about all pending and past legal matters initiated by and against the subject of your inquiry.

With the incident rate of overall crime just shy of the one thousand mark and less than 10% rate of violent crime, Stokes County certainly seems to have its crime scene in control. However, a closer scrutiny of the annual crime averages reported from 2001 to 2008n shows that the rate of violent criminal acts has almost doubled since 2004.In fact the rise of almost 70% in the number of complaints through the years has given both residents and police officers reason to worry.

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