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A Surry County, NC active arrest warrant is a judicial order that is frequently used to bring a suspect to books after the investigative process is completed. Because the process for procuring a warrant entails the submission of a written affidavit in court, the police only seek a warrant when there is substantial evidence to hold a person culpable for the crime.

The sheriff's office of Surry routinely holds all information pertaining to arrest records and outstanding warrants issued in the county.To get access to this data, you simply need to contact them by walking into the head office of the agency at 218 N Main St, Dobson, North Carolina 27017. When writing to them, you will have to send your mails to PO Box 827 and you can call them on 336-401-8900. However, information pertaining to active and outstanding warrants is never given over the phone.

On the other hand, if you would just like to learn about the most wanted criminals in the county, you can visit, a page on the official sheriff's department website that is constantly updated with information and mug shots of the most dangerous criminals in the area.

In your quest for information on arrest orders issued in Surry, do not forget the county clerk's office or the magistrate's court which are located at Dobson, NC 27017. Once again, you can write to the office of the court of clerk at PO Box 345 or call them on 336-386-3700 but for the actual records, you will need to pay a visit in person.

From 2001 to 2008, nearly 200 crime complaints were filed in Surry, NC every year. Of these less than 10% were violent in nature. Yet, annually, almost 10 homicides and over 80 sexual assault cases are lodged in the area. During the 8 year period mentioned above, the crime rate for the county has reduced markedly by almost 50% which certainly bodes well for the residents of the area.

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