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People who are looking for data on arrest records and active warrants from Yadkin County, North Carolina will find a valuable source in the sheriff's department and several judicial agencies including the court of the magistrate and the department of the county clerk. While all these agencies offer details on outstanding warrants, they also provide a wealth of other information, which is what sets one state agency apart from the other.

For instance, if you are looking for a mere warrant search, then the sheriff's office will serve as the perfect state agency. Also, the police will be in possession of an extensive amount of crime related statistics including such facts and figures like the total crime averages for the area. Apart from this, you can also get volumes of other related data like a list of the most wanted from the area along with figures pertaining to gang violence and specific crime types and more.

On the other hand, if you want information on Yadkin, NC arrest records as well as any and all judicial instruments used in a case including search orders, bench warrants, detention decrees, subpoenas, summons, etc, the court of the magistrate will prove to be a more appropriate source of information.

Finally, for an arrest warrants search, you can also go to the office of the county clerk which stores the court dockets. These are records of all trial proceedings and they are prepared for both civil as well as criminal matters. So, if you want information on more than just the criminal cases that the subject is embroiled in, the office of the clerk of court will be the right state agency to visit.

To reach these government departments, go to:

  • Sheriff: 210 E Hemlock St, Yadkinville, North Carolina 27055
  • Magistrate: 101 S State St, Yadkinville, NC 27055
  • County Clerk: Same as above

In Yadkin County, NC, almost 600 crimes were reported between 2001 and 2008 which can be calculated to almost 700 incidents per year. Out of this cumulative figure, only about 70 could be attributed to violent crime while the remaining occurrences were all related to property theft and damage.

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