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Any warrant search in Yancey County, NC ought to logically start at the magistrate's court since this is the issuing authority for all legal provisions. However, applicants looking for information on active warrants can also find details from the office of the sheriff and the county clerk's department.

While the former has a direct hand in the process of warrant issue, the latter maintains court dockets for the entire judicial network of the county. This means that the clerk of court's office can furnish details on criminal cases as well as civil and family litigations.

In fact, if you are looking for information on Yancey County, North Carolina arrest records and outstanding warrants, you can always use the public service terminals placed at the county courthouse. These will give you access to a repository of court dockets. A similar database is also maintained by the office of the magistrate.

However, this judicial agency will be able to provide information on much more than just the arrest warrants from Yancey, NC. Because search orders, bench warrants, subpoenas and summons are all released by the tribunals in the county, you will get records on these and even conviction related data from the magistrate's office.

Finally, you can also get in touch with the sheriff's office when looking from criminal history information. Because the police are in charge of warrant execution for all types of detention orders, they maintain records pertaining to at least search and arrest orders issued by the local courts.

A trip to any of one of these agency offices is all it will take to get the warrant search done; alternatively, you could also send in a formal search request through mail. The contact details of thee government offices are:

  • The police: East Main Street, PO Box 6, Burnsville, North Carolina 28714 ; tel no: 828-682-2124
  • The judiciary: 10 Orchard Dr, Burnsville, NC 28714; tel no: 828-682-2122
  • The county clerk's office: 110 Town Square, Burnsville, North Carolina 28714; tel no: 828-682-2122

Yancey County, North Carolina has one of the lowest crime rates in the state despite a reported increase of almost 30% in the figures of overall and violent criminal acts. From 2003 to 2008 nearly 700 criminal complaints were received by the local police; this puts the annual average of crime at just about 120 incidents.

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